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//   N A S D I A   O N   A I R

regular show SUBSCIENCE
Proceed's monthly show on RadioBlau, an independant radio station in Leipzig. u can listen to RadioBlau via ukw/vhf in Leipzig and also via live webstream - worldwide. the first show was aired 01.2007. and running.. nasdia.de/subscienceradio/ / radioblau.de.

run by Menaures and Junktion from 01.2004 to 08.2007 on Radio Ostfriesland, a public ukw/vhf radio station in north-west Germany. C2C was at first a monthly session, but soon became a bi-weekly show. it was quit in 2007 due to both hosts moving away from emden, ostfriesland. u can find all the interviews from the shows, playlists alongside some other goodies and information on their website. many of the old shows are also up there for download.. coastradio.de.
"subscience" was also the name of our show on dnbradio.net during 2003 and 2004. the regular two hour broadcast was managed by Dandruff, featuring Nasdia and Outburst djs in the mix.

other 02.08.2008, 10pm - 12pm, RadioBlau, Leipzig - "Nokogiribiki meets Subscience"
Dan.Raw and Proceed in the mix with dub / break / hop core.. n step. Instruktah D pon the mic.
19.07.2008, 8pm - 10pm, koelncampus, Koeln - "Plattensport"
following an invitation by Borderclash's Hanna, Junktion selected a varied mix of jungle, dubwise beats, divers breakcore, ambient and wordz.. playlist.
18.08.2007, 9pm - 12pm, RadioBlau, Leipzig - "Subscience vs. Nokogiribiki"
the "radio adventure train" featured Dan Raw, Elias Zorn, Proceed and OG Tronic in the mix and Dr. Dressler on microphone.
02.12.2006, 9pm - 12pm, RadioBlau, Leipzig - "Nokogiribiki DJ Night"
the first hour was a special about Crooklyn's Wordsound label presented by Dan-Raw. the next two hours featured Proceed and OG Tronic in the mix, rinsing urban bass and eastern dubstep.
05.11.2005, 9pm - 3am, Radio Ostfriesland - the mighty "Nightclash"
a six hour 100% live collaboration of Drumkick and Coast2Coast, featuring Brayaz / Der Wisch / Greepy / Junktion on selection of a wide range of music (and literature), mic, various instruments and fx, alongside a great appearance of freestyle rapper BlowmBeats.. check the great flyer.
[there is more to be written here, but the memories are fogged by the years gone..]