home: leipzig, germany
info: growing up with the music of pink floyd, tangerine dream, genesis, led zeppelin etc. set the base for a future interest in making music. especially the dirty sound of the C64 arouse an extraordinary enthusiasm for electronic sounds which was intensified by the first east-german radio shows that partially played electronic music. in the early 90īs the first own tracks were produced using amiga500 and sound/protracker. later pc and synthesizer/sampler replaced that old setup.
he played drums in the punkband pinkelpause [pee break] which was formed in 1992 and later renamed to matroschkaeffekt. there he started to program beats and sequences using computer and synthesizers.
however, the most intensive project is t.t.x., it includes solo productions as well as creating music with guest musicians like female vocalists, bassists, guitarists or other electro freaks. the music is not produced in the usual way of composing. it rather is a kind of sound design or experimenting with audio space. the roots originate in the sounds of the bands mentioned above. many influences derive from musicians like aphex twin, orbital or autechre, also from jazz and early punk rock.
more: www.ttx-sound.net