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info: Razor Point is a duo of drum'n'bass producers from Lodz, Poland, consisting of Ender (Adam Waclawski) and Jobe (Daniel Blonski). Together they have been composing and play their live music for almost a decade now. Since the very beginning, the basics of the project have been constant - to play only their own tracks and never be restricted to only one subgenre of drum'n'bass. Instead they experiment with different styles, from techstep and neurofunk to synthetic and atmospheric at the same keeping a distinctive sound which has become their trademark. They were the first drum'n'bass live-act from Poland, connecting Ender's dynamic rhythmical mixing with Jobe's atmospheric improvisation skills. Razor Point performed all over their home country and also in Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic and the NetherlandsTo keep things fresh, Razor Point are running some side projects, like kalma (idm/breakz for Scatoys/Nasdia) or Switch Point, a cooperation with another Polish producer, Switch Technique..
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