home: leipzig, germany
info: in 1995 proceed started to buy records, mostly britcorish hiphop stuff. first it was for the pleasure of listening but soon in '96 he bought 2 turntables and from this moment on taught himself the art of mixing music. sets by dj shadow, dj spooky, dj kane, coldcut and many more were heavy influences.
he likes long sets, melting together many styles of sound with a strong touch of dub, loving the whole spectrum from 60 to 200 bpm. today he plays all kinds of groundshaking earthquaking spiritualized sound from dub over rap to drum'n'bass.
listening to proceed, you will recognize his own unique style of rinsing everytime.
peaze and give thanks
All Time Favourites: 1 first down - pyramides of power - blitz vinyl 1994
2 lyrical poetry - schizo-phrenic - sub-up 1993
3 spectre - the end lp - word sound 1999
4 kitachi - realms of dub - react 1996
5 dj invincible & matticus - born free - aim to please 1994
more: soundcloud