home: dresden, germany
info: noize creator's first steps into music production were taken back in 1991, trying to mix music and do tracks with 2 tapedecks. soon after he got interested in techno and started djing at illegal parties. in 1994 he bought his first equipment and started to focus on music production more professionally. his tracks became harder and faster and by the end of '94 he had released his first recordings on juncalor records, brutal chud, rage records, blood n guts, killing rate and surgeon16. in 1998 he started his own label suburban trash industries which also comprises a few fine sublabels. productions by noize creator have been released on: active underground, ambush, appareil, bass2 records, boneheddz, conceptual chaos, hangars liquides, human error, kill out, quarz music, sixsixtysix, trackless, war of nerves, zod, NASDIA ...
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