info: started mixing records in 1998, using the dj-alias "joda" for many years, which was changed into "junktion" in 2006. as selekta/dj it has always been about dopeness, tough rolling rhythmz, and the physikal enjoyment of bass. the huge variety of intelligent, deep and conscious music is an everlasting addictive adventure..
junktion moved from freiberg to emden in 2003, where he organised regular drum'n'bass parties together with pulse09 and ran several smaller drum'n'bass, dancehall and dub music events. while living in mdamn, junktion was also responsible for the radio transmizzion coast2coast together with menaures - spreading the vibez for a total of 86 shows on ukw/vhf radio. in 2007 he moved to cologne, achieved a degree in media-technology, and keeps on meeting new collaborators..
some favourites: source direct - snake style / exit 9 - source direct
innervisions - mermaids - mo wax
burnt friedman & the nu dub players - just landed lp - ~scape
j.b. lenoir - j.b. lenoir lp - amiga
the future sound of london - lifeforms lp - virgin
dj crystl - let it roll - dee jay
tricky vs. the gravediggaz - the hell ep - fourth & broadway
stieber twins - fenster zum hof lp - mzee
dynamic syncopation - no qualms - ninja tune
germ aka paradox-720 - on target - offdaplanid
.. photek, paradox, danny breaks, alpha omega, breakage, amit, myer, pinch, dmz, ..
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